About Be Safe Technologies

Management of Health and Safety at Work

Compliance in relation to Health and Safety in the work place and while on site must be achieved but, while this is essential, it is increasingly hard to achieve –

  • Ever changing rules and regulations have to be followed - by law
  • The safety of each and every employee is the responsibility of every company
  • There are often multiple different and disparate processes
  • Checklists, assessments and documentation must all align
  • Most companies have to use paper which is not only not very eco-friendly its also inefficient and time consuming. Current technology – such as it is - is varied and unconnected with Apps that do one thing but not another – and don’t connect anyway. Management of these processes is convoluted and complicated and costs time and money!

    Now, with the Compliance Genie™ there is a tool that does everything you need and helps you comply with the right regulations – and more!


    Create and distribute risk assessments quickly and track sign off

    • Create your own induction process
    • Uniquely identify each employee and visitor and delivery
    • Automated inductions covering the salient points relevant to that individual
    • Automatically notify users when new documents are issued
    • Prompt review and track the status of the document sign off

    Streamline the management of your remote workforce

    • Enable your management to be in multiple places at the same time – without leaving their desk!
    • Capture incidents, monitor trends and assign individuals
    • Ensure robust corrective actions are implemented
    • Live Dashboards

    Streamline the management of your remote workforce
    Streamline the management of your remote workforce
    Generate custom notifications

    • Automatically notify workers without the correct training records that they are unable to complete certain tasks or operate specific pieces of equipment
    • All submissions and sign-in records can be tracked via GPS
    • All certificates linked to each individual

    Manage by visibility

    • Capture HAVs data and store it against each employee
    • Ensure you have robust records of their exposure for the duration of their time working for you
    • Set predetermined, customisable escalation logics to notify you in real time

    Streamline the management of your remote workforce
    Complience genie easy
    The Compliance Genie™ lives in the Cloud

    • The entire Compliance Genie is available as a comprehensive self-serve download
    • Or a bespoke enterprise level solution depending on the size and requirements of your company
    • Entirely Cloud based
    • Be-safe Technologies’ Compliance Genie™ will streamline your process
    • Give you the tools to manage your workforce
    • Integrates with any API


    Which version of the Compliance Genie will suit you?

    If you are an SME then perhaps our self-serve option will be best?
    OR if you are a larger company then click on the Enterprise version to find out more.