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The History of Risk Assessment in the United Kingdom

Date: Oct 20, 2020, Blog

The notion of risk assessment is both an ancient and modern concept. With a long history dating back thousands of years to the ancient world, the idea of assessing risk is nothing new to humans engaged in potentially dangerous pursuits. In fact, making successful risk assessments has been key to the survival of the human race over centuries. But risk assessments as we know them today would be unrecognisable even to health and safety workers carrying out audits just a few decades ago. Modern technology and the use of data and statistics have allowed us to turn risk assessments into a calculated and scientific process that is only ever improving with each new advance. In this article, we explore the history of risk assessment and examine how it has evolved over the years


Join us on our webinar! How to Increase the efficiency of your H&S Management Systems through digitisation

Date: Oct 06, 2020, News

Hear all about how digitisation can help YOUR company with useful tips and real-life case studies from companies like yours.


The Benefits of Good Visitor Management

Date: Sep 23, 2020, Blog

An efficient system for visitor management should be a key part of every workplace, whether office, factory, construction site or public utility. It’s essential not just for the visitors’ experience but for the company as a whole, yet too often this is overlooked. A well-organised system is necessary to avoid all manner of health and safety issues, and it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your organisation to your visitors. Here are the main points to consider.


Essential Health and Safety Measures for Manufacturers

Date: Sep 09, 2020, Blog

The UK manufacturing sector can be a dangerous place to work. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports approximately 61,000 non-fatal injuries per year and 26 fatalities in the period 2018-19. Sobering statistics indeed. And yet there are many ways to manage and minimise the risks. The first step is to implement and maintain robust and easy-to-follow health and safety procedures in the workplace. Here are the measures you should follow to protect the safety and wellbeing of your employees


UK Health and Safety Statistics for 2018/2019

Date: Jul 28, 2020, Blog

According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive 28.2 million workdays were lost in 2018.19 due to work-related accidents and ill health! The health and safety statistics in our infographic make sobering reading and show how much still needs to be done. The Truth Behind the Statistics – Why Health and Safety Matters Whatever the size of your organisation, your top priority is the health and safety of your employees. Clear safety procedures benefit everyone and ensure compliance with your legal obligations, as stated in the Health and Safety At Work etc. Act 1974.


The Future of Housing Design After Lockdown

Date: Jul 14, 2020, Blog

The need to isolate ourselves at home has led to a whole new way of living. Our homes are also our workplaces, classrooms and gyms. For some, they’ve also become places to grow food and lead a more self-sufficient life. This situation is likely to persist well into the future, as numerous questions about how and if we should return to our old ways of living and working remain unanswered. It’s a daunting time, and yet it also provides an opportunity to do things differently. Architects, interior designers and builders are already rising to the challenge, and exciting new ideas about home design are beginning to emerge.


New Trends in Construction

New Trends in Construction

Date: Jun 26, 2020, News

Technology already plays a major part in the construction industry, and this is set to increase in new and exciting ways. Clients have always wanted value for money and short timescales. Now they have additional expectations; increased awareness on environmental issues and higher standards for security, health and safety must all be factored in. Fortunately, the industry is already responding to the challenge. Here are some of the most important trends.


Why Technology Is Vital in Uncertain Times

Date: Jun 11, 2020, Blog

It’s too early to know exactly how life will be affected by the current covid-19 situation or how businesses will respond over the coming months. However, one thing is already clear: technology will play an even bigger part in our business and personal lives than it does right now. Unsure how your business will move forward? These key trends will give you food for thought, whatever your line of work.


How to Support Your Staff During a Pandemic

Date: May 06, 2020, Blog

We’re currently battling through an extraordinarily difficult time. In addition to major health concerns there’s plenty more to worry about – job security, finances, kids education, to name but a few. Work still needs to go on, wherever possible, but in addition to all the concerns of the moment, everyone must get to grips with completely new methods of operating. Even on a good day changes in working practices are often challenging, and I think we can agree that today isn’t a good day. And yet, there is a way forward. New procedures can work and people can adapt and support each other while they’re doing it. Here’s how…


Health and Safety: It’s Easier Than You Think

Date: Apr 23, 2020, Blog

Implementing and following the correct health and safety procedures can be a major chore, even though it’s essential. Employees often perceive this as complicated and always time-consuming. It’s also tricky to keep up, as regulations are constantly changing. Fortunately, it’s easier to get everyone involved than you think. Be Safe’s innovative and intuitive app helps everyone to work safely and with full compliance, whether on-site, in the office or in the factory.



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